Best Geometry Box for students in india

Geometry Box very common part of Study Materials. Here we have collected a Best Geometry Box for students which are listed below.

Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box

Classmate Archimedes die-cast Compass is very well designed Geometry box and also This is Double Side Tray Multicoloured Geometry box.

And In This Geometry Box You Will Get Mechanical Pencil which is better and safer than normal pencil .And included other All Common Instruments which are Necessary To Use Like Die-Cast Compass , Scale, Protector etc.

Brand Classmate
Uses Multipurpose
Weight 225 g
  • Value For Money
  • Double Sided Tray Protect From Scratch
  • Thin Plastic
  • Expensive

Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry and Pencil Box

Camlin 2 in 1 is blue colour Geometry box which is made of high quality Plastic. In this box you will get all common study related Component like pencil ,Compass , lead tube set square, Protector, divider, Sharpener and Eraser etc.

All Equipment of this Geometry box very accurate in shape and size . And especially for examination.

Brand camlin
Compass 1 piece
Divider1 piece
Scale 1 piece ( 15 cm )
Sharpener 1 piece
Eraser 1 piece
Pen pencil 3 piece
Protector 1 Piece
Set Square 2 Piece
  • Storng Material
  • Expensive

Maped Geometry box

Maped Geometry box is high quality stylish 9 pcs Geometry set . Its suitable for students, art workers and field of engineering drawings. All component very easy to use and made of high quality reliable materials.

And its has also lock system which is located in side bar area of box .

Brand Maped
Weight 140 g
Avilable Component 1 Holder Compass , 2 set square, 1 mini size pencil , 1 Protector , 1 ruler , 1 lead Compass , pencil and Sharpener etc.
  • Good Quality of Product
  • Suitable for art workers
  • Costly

Domes Geometry box

Domes is another Geometry box for school going students . This Geometry box is a white colour and easy to use . You can use it for solve mathematical problems, Drawing and other Multipurpose uses.

If you are looking for Geometry box in Cheap price then this set best for you . And you will also get all important Geometry related tools.

  • Cheap
  • Low quality

Faber Castell Mathematical Instruments Box

Faber Castell is high quality rust free light weighted Mathematical and drawing Geometry box. And it’s made of High quality materials especially Compass and divider .

  • Affordable Price
  • Recommend For kids & students
  • Average Product

Maped 9 pcs Compass set

Maped is Hongkong based company which offers a Stationary related product . This compass set is Shock resistant and made of High quality plastic.

You Can easily insert all equipment like pen , pencil , divider etc. And This compass has also lock systems so you can easily handle this Geometry box.

  • Reliable and best quality of product
  • Expensive

USI Plastic Geometry box

This is our last Recommended Geometry box and especially for Teachers and they will use it for solve mathematics problems or during class Lectures.

  • Useful for teachers
  • Costly
  • Not recommended for students

Understand about Geometry box component

if are you using Geometry box first time then you need to understand about basic knowledge.

Set square :

Set square is plastic or metal based triangular shape instruments which is usually used for draw a angle , straight lines, vertical line, horizontal line and inclined line etc.

Set square

Protector :

Protector is plastic or glass based Semicircle geometrical instruments which is usually to measure angle of diagram.

Mechanical pencil :

Mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencil is very easy to use and don’t need to sharpening every time and you can easily use it for Drawing, sketching, draw a straight line and other Multipurpose activities .

Mechanical pencil lead comes with various Size like 0.2 , 0.3, 0.4 , 0.5 , 0.7 and so on .

Scale :


A Scale is plastic or wood based instruments and its usually used to draw a straight line, vertical line and you easily accurately draw a line in cm according to your needs.

Compass :


A Compass is instrument which can be used to measure inscribing circle, arc and distance etc. Compass mainly made of metal.

every compass has two side first is straight and other one adjustable . The Straight side has it needle point at its end . Wheres Adjustable side of compass is used to draw a circle , radius etc.

And Common Supportive Component of Compass are adjustable nuts , hinge , needle point etc.

Divider :


A divider is mathematical instruments pair of two legs and each legs has separate needles which can be used to measure distance between two point of line , length of line etc.

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